About Us

First National Pawn

We value our clients, our employees and the communities we serve

First National Pawn is the largest pawn organization in North & South Dakota. The first store opened in Rapid City, South Dakota in 1991. Another store followed in Rapid City and then Sioux Falls. The chain then expanded into Mandan, North Dakota in 2002 with stores now in Fargo and Grand Forks.

We are high paying pawn shops and jewelry buyers. We are also among the top electronics, firearms, gold, art and antique dealers & pawnbrokers in North & South Dakota. We value our clients, our employees and the communities we serve. Our goal is to exceed and excel at providing best of class service and quality in the pawn shops industry. We are motivated to understand and fulfill the needs of our clients.

We serve a large community of totally unbanked or underbanked consumers who find it easy and convenient to get a pawn loan when they are in a cash crunch due to unexpected expense or a sudden emergency that calls for instant cash in hand.

First National Pawn's greatest asset is our likeable, dedicated, creative staff! Many of our employees have been with the company for 15 years or more. A few have been with the company since its inception in 1991.

Our philosophy is to honor each employee with respect and to be open to new ideas. Some of the best ideas have come from employees. In addition to a generous compensation package, our employees are rewarded with the pride of being part of the nicest pawn shops in the country.

We have many customers who are pawn shop aficionados and they will come back from their travels to other pawn shops throughout the country and rave about how nice our stores are in comparison. The biggest compliment is how friendly our pawnbrokers are. When I visit the shops, I take such pride to hear customers speak so highly about First National Pawn pawnbrokers!

The company also still has customers that date back to its inception. Our customers are treated fairly and have returned time and time again over the years. Some of our employees and customers have known each other for so long it is almost like family.

So please come see how nice a pawn shop can be! Come visit one or all of our locations in North & South Dakota.